Sunday, January 05, 2014

Old Man Winter Can Stick It

Hello everyone. I hope you are all warm and dry as we endure this latest Snowpocalypse. If you happen to be somewhere tropical then I hate you. Just kidding. But I'm not. I really hate you.

Here in southern IN it keeps switching between rain and snow. My yard has turned into the most drab giant Slurpee you've ever seen. As I listen to the water dripping down my broken chimney and tap on top of my vent-less gas fireplace, soaking the army of towels I have piled beneath the leak, I truly wish I would have faced my acrophobia this past summer, climbed up on my roof and put a tarp over the dang thing.

They (whoever they are) are forecasting this rain/sleet junk will switch over to snow here in about an hour and that we will have -30 windchill factors to look forward to. Oh, rapture! School has already been canceled in this area which means I'm probably not going in to work tomorrow, which means they won't pay me (go figure) which means less money to put towards fixing that giant, gaping hole in my chimney.

Sorry. I didn't mean to wax all glass-half-empty on you. Winter sometimes does that to me. I wasn't built for the cold and if I didn't have such deep roots in this town me and Mrs. B would load up the kids and head south. Maybe hit up Georgia for some zombie hunting.

Anyway, as I mentioned last post I've been having some Day Job issues. Weather permitting, I have a pretty important job interview on Tuesday. Any well wishes, good thoughts, crossed fingers and prayers are appreciated.

I would that my book sales were enough to cancel out the necessity of a day job, but alas it has not yet come to that. I'm still pressing onward, though. I have 70,000 words down in book 2 (the continuance of the book 1 I will be putting out soon) and I hope to finish it within the month. I was hoping to just keep on typing, but with the way my schedule is changing I think I may have to postpone writing book number 3 until I get number 1 published and number 2 fixed up a bit.

Everyone confused? Good. That's the way I like it.

If you're somewhere being tormented by Old Man Winter, give him the finger, stay inside with a your robe and slippers on and curl up with a good story. If you're somewhere tropical . . . go inside for a bit. Too much
sun is bad for you.

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