Monday, June 30, 2008

A Site for Sore Eyes

It’s getting down to the wire now. Any day I should be hearing if Graveside Tales is keeping "The Mask of Deslow Mansion" or tossing it to the side like a dirty diaper.

Sorry for the simile. I’ve been changing a lot of diapers lately.

I’ve been on mandatory overtime at work and haven’t had much time to devote to writing, so there isn’t much to report right now. So, instead of some whimsical anecdote or poetic prose, I’ll share with you some nice new (new for me, that is) websites that I’ve come across over the last few weeks.
Catherine J. Gardner is the author of this blog (along with an impressive number of short stories and novels). The layout of this blog is as beautiful as the content is insightful. Catherine is charming and funny, and is one of the busiest writers I have ever seen. I am envious of the amount of writing she is pumping out on a regular basis, and in awe that she has time to keep her blog as updated as she has.
Chris F. Holm is a young writer with a sharp wit and warped sense of humor (much like yours truly). Many of his experiences and thoughts on writing mirror my own, and though I have yet to make contact with him – I barely have time to make contact with my own mother – I hope to soon. He seems to me a man of like precious faith . . . as far as writing goes, that is.
Janet Reid is a successful literary agent by day and the infamous Query Shark by night. She shows no mercy to the chum that floats her way. If you are looking to strengthen you query letter or maybe just need to grab a laugh at the competition’s expense, I suggest you stop by.
Jennifer Jackson is a literary agent with the Donald Maass Literary Agency, and is the agent of the afore mention Chris F. Holm. Jennifer is smart and fiery, delivering matter of fact information with a punch. She is a beautifully clear window into the scary and mysterious world of publishing.

None of the four above know me (well, Catherine and I have had a bit of correspondence, but not much). I’ve learned from all four people and feel that any aspiring writer could do a lot worse than stumbling across these gems. When I get a bit more time, I will try to add these to my links.

Go check them out. You won’t be disappointed.