Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My End of the Year Post

Here we are again. Another year gone, and that time when we all evaluate what we've accomplished.

I took a look at my post from a year ago and it only depressed me. The year of 2008 wasn't my best writing-wise. I'm still waiting for ROMEO'S KISS to appear in Wildside Press's Cat Tales. I only sold one story -- THE MASK OF DESLOW MANSION to The Edge of Propinquity. But I did finish rewriting my novel and after an exhausting research venture, started sending the poor thing out to agents. No bites as of yet, but some nice rejections have crossed my desk. I did manage to consistently post on this blog, and I've made a lot of new writer friends which have helped me grow (as good friends do).

So, what are my plans, resolutions as it were, for 2009? Well, faithful reader, I will tell you. I'm going to continue to push my novel on every agent until one either signs me, or they band together and hire someone to stop me. I'm going to continue writing as best I can. I don't know right now if 2009 will belong to short stories, novels, or just my own wailing on this blog. I plan on reading more, writing more, praying more, laughing more, and loving more. What else better is there to do?

Now, as I leave you until the breaking of the new year, I thought I would show you the best thing I've received in 2008 (which is also what has caused my writing to diminish at such a rate).

Meet Olivia Ann. That's big brother Aiden (the best thing I received in 2007) doing all the kissing.