Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Little About Myself

My name is Gabriel Beyers. I was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, where I continue to live. I am twenty-nine years old and have been married to my wife, Brandy, for seven years. I've worked in a couple of different fields but my passion is writing.

I have published seven stories since becoming serious about my craft. They are:

"The Barn," Mudrock: Stories & Tales, Volume 2, Issue 2. (2004)
"Aunt Maddy’s Chair," Peeks & Valleys, Volume 4, Number 3. (2004)
"The Fire Lady," Fighting Chance, Winter 2004 Issue.
"A Town Full of Holes," Midnight Times, Winter 2005, Issue 8 & Seasons in the Night, Volume 4. (2005)
"Fox Lane," Seasons in the Night, Volume 4. (2005)
"The Monster’s Box," Fighting Chance, Spring/Summer 2005 Issue.
"Love, Obsession, & the Deep-Freeze," Midnight Times, Summer 2006, Issue 14.

This is mainly a place where I can discuss my joys and frustrations of trying to become a professional writer in today's market. Soon I hope to add the above published stories so anyone can come by and take a look at them. I hope you enjoy them.

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