Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Love, Obsession & the Deep-Freeze"

I have one more story that has been published that I would like to share with you. "Love, Obsession & the Deep-Freeze" was first published in Midnight Times, issue 14, in the summer of 2006. It will also appear in print in issue 37 of Outer Darkness Magazine in the summer of 2007.

I was reading Stephen King’s book On Writing (which, by the way, I encourage any aspiring writer to purchase–but more on that later) when this story came to me. In the book Stephen King sets up a writing exercise in which he gives you a common situation, has you switch the roles, then tells you to write about it.

"Love, Obsession & the Deep-Freeze" was born, loosely, from that situation. As I have said before, some stories come easy, like a trip down a water slide. Some come hard, like a fat man squeezing through the cat door.

This one ... it was a fun ride all the way to the water. I did have to rewrite it a couple of times before I captured it just right, but that’s all part of the job, isn’t it?

Brandy liked the story, but she wasn’t too fond of the title. "It’s seems a little too long," she told me. It is the longest title of any of my stories, but still, what a title! It came to me out of the blue. An epiphany (or apostrophe as Shmee in Hook would say). I thought it was poetic. Dark, yet beautiful. I sent it without apology into the world.

And looky there! Not one acceptance letter, but two.

Oh, come on. I’ve been losing arguments to this woman for over eight years now. I’ve got to boast a victory, no matter how small. It could be a long time before I see another one.

All joking aside. "Love, Obsession & the Deep-Freeze" was an enjoyment for me to write. I hope you will feel the same about reading it. It is dark, and a little sad, but all my stories are seasoned with those spices. That’s just who I am, I guess.

I am not going to print the story here. Just like "A Town Full of Holes," I want you to visit Midnight Times ( and check it out there. Or if you want, order your advanced copy of Outer Darkness, issue 37.

That would be just fine, too.

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