Saturday, May 31, 2008

How About That

Well, I mailed out the contract selling "Romeo’s Kiss" to Wildside Press, and my copy has returned, signed by the publisher.

I’m still waiting on Cat Tales, volume 1 to arrive in the mail, and hoping that its sales are through the roof. I wish I knew the publication date – if it will be published at all – of volume 2 (I assume my story is in the next book; I could be wrong).

I’m also awaiting news from Graveside Tales’ Harvest Hill about my story "The Mask of Deslow Mansion." Their submission guidelines state that they are shooting for a response time of 4 - 6 weeks for the rejections, and today is week number six for me.

That may mean my story has a good chance of being accepted. Then again it may mean the rejection cometh tomorrow.

Just one more wait-n-see.

But hey, I got two posts in this month. How about that!

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Catherine J Gardner said...

Good luck with your Harvest Hill submission.