Friday, March 06, 2009

That's a First!

So, there I was at work (trying to look like I was working) when I noticed an email pop up. I glanced at the description balloon and saw that it was a response to one of my agent queries.

No big deal. I'd received one just a few hours earlier . . . a rejection, mind you. Again, no big deal. But something caught my eye. A strange phrase that I had yet to see in an agent's response. I couldn't be sure, but I could have sworn that I saw the word "interested".

Trying my best -- and failing -- not to get my hopes up, I opened the email. And there it was. Something that turned my good day into great day.

I have received my first official manuscript request by a literary agent.

Now, I know that this means nothing. It could still end in a rejection if my writing doesn't register with him. But it still feels good to know I'm doing something right for a change.

Now I'm off to put the boy to bed and then it'll be a late night of submitting my manuscript and synopsis.

I'll let you know how it turns out.


Josh Reynolds said...

Good luck man. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Way Cool! Sending good thoughts your way.

Chris said...

That's huge! Congrats!

Gabriel said...

Thank you for the good vibes everyone.

I'm sure it will be a few months before I hear anything. It's gonna be a long few months.

Whatever happens, though, I'm just proud that I finally nailed a decent query letter.

Chris said...

You should be. A yes at any step of this process is one heck of an accomplishment, so a little celebration is hardly premature (I, myself, go for the occasional bout of spontaneous chair-dancing). I'll keep my fingers crossed you've got more requests coming, but really, I've got no doubt you do.