Thursday, February 17, 2011

Barry's Mask

Barry Napier has announced today that his novel THE MASKS OF OUR FATHERS is now available on Amazon as an e-book, and soon it will be out in print as well.

The cover looks great, and the description is intriguing:

There is a powerful secret waiting in the forests of Moore’s Hollow. Buried in myths and ignored by history, there are dark things in the woods that laid claim to the land many years ago. Jason Melhor heard about this secret around summer campfires as a boy. As a child, he came to know the legends well. But as he grew older, these fables disappeared with other childhood things.
Now, as a man unable to escape a past marred by an alcoholic father and his mother’s suicide, Jason has returned to Moore’s Hollow to bring his sordid family tragedy to a close. He has packed only a pistol and a single bullet. But the secrets of Moore’s Hollow that Jason passed off as myths over the years are still lurking in the forests. Something knows Jason has returned…and he has returned at the worst possible time.

Sounds great.  I can't wait to read it.



Barry Napier said...

Thanks for the signal boost. I am just now seeing this and greatly appreciate the support!

Gabe said...

Never a problem, Barry. Hope it helps.

As soon as my wife is finished with your novel, it's my turn to read it. I can't wait.