Friday, October 14, 2011

Never Too Late for a New Trick

So, I looked up a bit ago and realized we are 14 days into October and I haven't made a post.  I've been very busy with my WIP, and have had little time to read, blog, Facebook, self-promote or much anything else.  I'm shooting to be done with the first draft of Predatory Animals by the end of the month and I still have roughly another 20K words to add.

I should be fine as long as nothing derails me.  I've been sneaking much of the writing in at work (shhh, don't tell) and a bit more at night after the kids go to bed.  I'm excited to see this through, then it'll be time to concentrate on rewrites, beta readers, cover art . . . it never ends.  But that's okay.  I'm having fun.

On to the sequel news.

You all might remember a little novel written a few years back call The Shining.  No?  Well it was this nice little book about a family's wonderful adventures in a hotel one magical winter.  The author was some guy named King.  I don't think he really went on to do much after that.

Can you feel the sarcasm?  Good, cause I'm laying it on plenty thick.

Well, it seems an old dog can learn new tricks, and it's never too late to write a sequel.

The sequel, titled Dr. Sleep, catches up with a 40 year old Danny as he uses his Shine to help terminally ill patients pass into the afterlife.  Oh and there are Shine-sucking vampires.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited.  I loved The Shining and have long waited to hear what has come of Danny.  I hope Mr. King gives us glimpse of Danny sending messages back to himself as a child (in the guise of Tony, of course).

It just goes to show you how the characters we write about do not belong to us.  Sometimes we think that we are done with a story, but if the character isn't finished with us, they'll find a way to come back around.

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