Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bad Mojo/ Good Karma

I've been feeling a bit cursed these days.  It just seems like things haven't been going my way.  Maybe it's just the cold and rainy weather and a bad case of the mully-grubs.  I don't know.  But I feel like I need to do something to stir up some good karma.

I have no idea what that could be, so I'll just try to send some good vibes to some of my other writer friends.

First, I think you should all go and check out Barry Napier's blog.  He has a new collection of short stories coming out soon titled Tricks of Shadow and Light.  It sounds really good.  Barry did the cover himself (along with the cover of Guarding the Healer), so if you need a cover or help with other aspects of self-publishing I encourage you to try him out.

Then there is Aaron Polson.  Aaron's prolific writing never fails to make me ashamed of my own output.  This isn't a bad thing.  Aaron is every bit as busy with his regular life as I am, yet he somehow writes three times the stories I do.  He encourages me to write harder.  Aaron has a new book out titled In the Memory House and now he's offering a bonus story to go along with it.

Next, let us travel across the pond and visit an incredible author named Cate Gardner.  Cate's work is hard to pin down to any one genre.  It is steeped in the fantastic with touches of horror dabbled in.  Cate is someone to watch out for.  She is probably one of the most imaginative writers I know (and that is saying a lot) and it won't be long before she is a household name.  By the by, the covers of her books are awesome.

Last, but never least, is Chris Holm.  Chris is one of the first writers that I made contact with when I first started looking for an agent.  He's been a big help to me in numerous ways.  Chris's work is a great combination of crime, pulp and horror.  His writing career has been gaining momentum and with good reason.

There are countless other writers I could and should mention, but I'm going to have to stop here.  I have two toddlers screaming for daddy's attention and I need to go.

Well, hopefully that breaks the bad mojo hanging over my head.  Seriously though, I encourage you all to check out these authors.  You won't be disappointed.


Cate Gardner said...

Thank you so much for the mention, Gabriel

Aaron Polson said...

Thanks for the nod--I'm just knocking my head against the wall hoping to make some noise. ;)

Gabriel Beyers said...

You're welcome. Each of you that I mentioned inspire me in your own ways to be a better writer. For that I should thank you.

Aaron, hopefully the world will stand up and notice before too long.

Barry Napier said...

Hey man, thanks for the mention. Also, as of late, I can totally relate to this post. Seems like the words have been damned up over the past 6-7 days.

Chris said...

Thanks for the kind mention, Gabriel! And fingers crossed your mojo turns around.