Monday, January 09, 2012


My first day of free promotions on Amazon's KDP Select has ended.  It is way too early to determine the long term effects, but here are the results.

Contemplations of Dinner: 252 downloads, topped out around 1,100 in the free ranking.
Guarding the Healer: 794 downloads, topped out around 450 in the free ranking.

I ran a month long free promotion on Smashwords for Guarding the Healer a while back and only managed around 140 downloads.  All month long!  I had over five times the downloads on Amazon in just one day.

I really wish those would have been paid downloads, but if nothing else, there are nearly 800 people reading my work that weren't before.  It makes me nervous to think of so many eyes pouring over my work.  I know not everyone will like what they read.  I'm just hoping the majority does.

With a little luck this will spur some reviews and word of mouth and others will search me out and actually PAY to read my brain-goop.

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