Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Do Believe in Fairies

Who wouldn't want to fly and live forever?

In 2003 one of the many versions of Peter Pan came out. This is the one with Jason Isaacs (a.k.a. Lucius Malfoy) playing George Darling and Captain Hook. It's a good flick and I recommend it. A few months ago we came across this movie on Netflix and now my 3 year old daughter is hooked . . . no pun intended.
She wants to watch it every day. Sometimes she watches it several times a day. She has asked me to call Peter and invite him over to our house and even claims she is going to marry him.

My e-book sales haven't been what I want them to be. I've had some decent success with KDP Select as far as free downloads go, but nothing to brag about. But my paid sales haven't taken off like other authors. Now if I was traditionally published, my lackluster sales would put me at odds to get another contract, my book would eventually disappear from shelves and I'd most likely have to start writing under a pen name.

The Peter Pan movie is pushing a decade in age, yet even after all that time it still gained a fan in my daughter. We are going to be buying the DVD soon so that me and my wife can regain the TV. The great thing about e-books is that they are forever. Bad sales today does not hinder the chance of finding a fan base in the future. Joe Konrath often talks of how some of his older novels cycle around and become the best sellers.

This is the hope I hold on to. This is what keeps me writing. And if you believe hard enough even that which is dead can live again.

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