Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fourteen Years

It doesn't seem possible.  Fourteen years?  Is that right?  Surely it has only been five . . . six, tops.

Today my wife and I have been married for fourteen years.  If you count the two years that we dated before tying the knot, we've been together literally half of our lives (well half for my wife, slightly less for me).  It seems so strange when I say that out loud.

And yet, when I examine myself, I cannot imagine a life before her.  There is no part of me she doesn't inhabit.  We have seen good times, bad times, and strange times, but we have traversed them together.

I'm not much PDS (public displays of sappiness), but she deserves it.  For putting up with me all these years as much as anything else.

Thank you for fourteen joy-filled years.  Happy Anniversary, Brandy.  I love you.

Here is a picture of the grand day that we started our adventure together.  If we look like kids it's because we were.  But man, look at the hair on that handsome young man.

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