Friday, May 13, 2011

Be Ye Warned

If today you run across someone in a hockey mask, wielding a machete, it would probably be wise to turn and run, or at least commiserate with him about how you, too, miss your mother, hate the taste of pond water, and can't stand when people trespass on your property.

I can't remember a past Friday the 13th that more lived up to legend than this one.

No, I have not seen Mrs. Voorhees's misunderstood, yet inadequate swimming, son.  I did, however, witness sprinkler malfunctions in two separate buildings today.  Thankfully, I didn't cause either of these floods, but I did wonder if someone was targeting me in a bizarre attempt to drown me -- or at least make my socks soggy.

I think I'll hedge my bets and stay close to home tonight.  Grill some burgers & dogs, and see how many slasher flicks I can watch in one night.

Have a good weekend.

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